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I can't...I can...I did!
I was a negative and very sensitive person. I would turn everything, I mean everything, into a problem and then worry about it, every last detail and it would escalate into grand scale. Always being told "you are making something of nothing" or "don't worry about it". But I would lose sleep and it would effect my health, my relationships, and work would suffer too. I was a nervous wreck at work, with friends, family, colleagues and clients. It was a viscous cycle. I knew I couldn't go on. I was heading for a breakdown.

My boss recommended Outward Success after having business and personal coaching for herself. She suggested I look into their coaching for my confidence. I was so scared but I plucked up the courage to go to one of the presentations back in the summer. I persuaded a few friends to come too but they only came for my benefit. We were blown away by how the presentation made us feel, we all wanted more & decided we would go for it, so we signed up for a package of 1:1 coaching sessions. I didn't really know what to expect & I was so nervous about going. I was ready to back out even though I had committed and paid up.

Fast forward to now and I feel free of all my worries, fears and anxieties. It's a weird feeling because everything in my life has been turned on its head, in the most amazing way. Every day I catch myself doing something that I would never do before. I didn't believe it would be possible but thanks to Karen it absolutely is possible, and it has lasted. It seems strange writing this now because I am no longer that nervous wreck of a person. My friends, family, colleagues, and clients all comment on how much happier and confident I am, as though the weight of the world has been lifted. Those brave enough have said they no longer feel the need to tiptoe around me. That was embarrassing to hear but I am pleased they feel more relaxed around me now.

I cannot thank you enough Karen. I couldn't have done it without you. I honestly didn't believe it could work but it has. Life is good now. I have achieved so much in a short period of time and I wake up excited to see what new stuff will happen every day.

If anyone is unsure about taking that step to have coaching all I can say is go for it because you won't regret it! It was the scariest and best thing I've ever done. Karen was so supportive and reassuring. She listened to my every word & took time to understand me. She made the most difficult stuff seem easy. I never felt stupid. I left every session walking on air. Absolutely brilliant!
Seeing this sort of life-changing transformation inspires me more and more everyday.
Taking back control...
The biggest change I think I have most definitely noticed about myself is that I'm thinking about how I can sort out a problem rather than dwelling on the "I can't do this", "I'm rubbish".

I've noticed that I'm thinking about how I can make it better next time. Don't get me wrong I still think at times I can't do this, but it doesn't last for long.

Then I've been finding that I'm thinking about how I can improve, hopefully learn how to make it better. So then in time, no more "I can't". So I end up with lots more tools in my bag.

I've learnt to stop letting things/people control me. Now this has made a MASSIVE difference!!!!

Learning how to regain control and letting go of the things that I can not control has enabled me to improve on my test riding (dressage) with my marks going from a 5-6 to 8's!

And not be too worried if something doesn't go quite to plan.

As cheesy as this sounds I have started to ask myself when I start saying "I can't do this" I'll say "why can't I?" Its sounds naf, but it really does work.
A great story  about how taking back control can lead to fantastic changes...
Leaving the negative behind...
I was at a crossroads, both in my working life and in my life as a rider, and in need of some help.

During my first coaching programme Karen helped me not to hang on to things in the past but to open up to new opportunities. I’m now able to break a problem down into little bite-size chunks so it’s not so daunting. When things go wrong I can put them into perspective. I’ve learnt to prioritise and focus on the important steps, whist getting rid of my negative fearful ‘mind videos’.

We then went on to discover how I could pursue these new chances and changes in my life and make the most of them. I’ve learnt to trust myself and to leave negative stuff behind. To put energy into priorities. To take new steps and explain to other people why I'm taking them, even when they may not be happy about it. It has given me a toolbox to help cope with difficult circumstances. I'm building a new business up and I've moved to a new horse.

Thanks to Karen I’ve gained confidence and very much enjoyed my sessions with her. It has been a truly great experience and I would recommend her to anyone. I've already booked my next coaching programme and can't wait to see what opportunities it unlocks.
When we leave the negative behind, a whole world of opportunity opens up for us!
Transforming myself to transform my business...
I have owned my business for 35 years now and it has provided stability for me and my family, but recently I have felt as though something is missing. I realised it is not enough, I want more.

I set up a subsidiary so that I can branch out. I think it may have been the best thing I have ever done. The potential for this business surpassed my initial predictions. The demand is so great that I cannot keep up. I'm working every hour to meet client expectations, more business is pouring in, but I know this physical output is not sustainable. I have no time to make plans, recruit suitable candidates, train or manage staff. Creating new contacts is happening naturally. The phone is like a 24 hour hotline but I'm burning out and the business will suffer. Something needs to change. I need help.

I found Outward Success through a good friend. I was wary because I find it hard to trust people especially when vulnerable (because I'm a MAN. You know how it is!). At a later date my friend introduced me to Karen. I'm so pleased he did. After our first conversation I went away and couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities a coach could offer me and the future of my business, but I had no idea how or where I was going to fit it in. I found a way and now that coaching session has priority over everything in my diary.

I see Karen every other week. She has me so focused, it's like HD! She plays devils advocate and has somehow managed to stop me running at high speed and instead gain some perspective. It has enabled to me to make a strategic plan, foresee potential problems or dark shadows that could endanger or hinder the progress and development of the business. I'm always excited to see her because she holds me accountable and isn't frightened to challenge me. She's fearless and takes no prisoners. Well, she takes none of my nonsense anyway!

The business now has structure, experienced staff, staff in training, all the physical resources it needs to grow. It's on a fast-track road to success and I no longer have blinkers on.

There are other areas in my life that have carried a lot of weight. Demons and fears that have haunted me for decades. I've seen a counsellor for a long period of time to overcome these. It was useful for a period of time but eventually felt as though I was on a perpetual cycle making no real progress. I decided I wouldn't mention these to Karen but she knew that I was holding something back that was getting in the way. It was painful discussing it but then something happened that I can't explain. All I can say is that the past looks different now and I have been able to leave it there and move forward. I didn't think I would ever shake that off. It's been with me for so long. I still don't understand what she did but it worked.

Cheers Karen. No you can't have a holiday, I might need you!

My advice to anyone who wants to transform their world, I highly recommend engaging in this process. I thought I had it all together but now I realise that I'm happier than I have ever been. I feel in control of me, I'm on track and very excited for my future. Turns out that I'm not just a MAN after all, I'm human. Who knew!

I have decided to enlist the services of Outward Success to coach my employees, individually and as a team, because I understand and appreciate the benefits to personal wellbeing and how that affects personal output and performance. I am confident this will positively impact the business and our clients.
The success I've witnessed with this client is astounding. It really demonstrates how our personal mental wellbeing is so important when it comes to business success.
Learning the power of saying No...
As a result of your coaching sessions I now find it easier to say No. I also don’t feel I have to respond straight away to texts or emails unless of course they are to do with work.

I am more positive with my riding and myself in general.

I have also applied for a couple of jobs and although I didn’t get them it was an achievement for me. I did get a very good rating as positive and enthusiastic from one of the interviewers.

I’m not going to say I don’t have the occasional wobble but I will get there.
Another great client success! Saying No and living life to your own rhythm is so important...
I get up everyday buzzing...
I haven't been back to see you because I haven't needed to. Every aspect of my life has changed beyond recognition. I no longer want to run away from my life. I'm in control again and I have never been happier in my own skin, in my marriage, and in my career. My friends and family keep complimenting me and commenting on how different I am. They have more trust in me and listen to what I have to say.

My confidence has reached another level. I get up every day buzzing rather than dragging myself up dreading what lies ahead

If I had known that coaching could have such a profound effect then I would have found you years ago.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. You made me feel at ease and for the first time ever I didn't feel stupid about being myself.

You were recommended to me and now I recommend you to all of my friends, family and colleagues.

The coaching sessions were inspiring, challenging and life changing.

Thank you.
This testimonial from one of my clients really brings to life the profound effect that coaching can have...
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