Discover the possibilities when you train your mind to believe.
Outward Success
Founded by Karen Croft, Master NLP Practitioner. Delivering mental performance coaching to clients ready to improve their performance in  sport, business, and life. Karen’s own personal transformation and experiences in establishing business ventures, competing and umpiring, and facing life’s challenges have given her deep insight in what it takes to succeed.
Mental Performance Coaching
Mental Performance Coaching is designed to help people transform their thinking to overcome mental blocks, fears, or any other barriers preventing success. Using NLP based interventions and hypnosis, clients are taken through a deep exploration of their mind to challenge and overcome their own perceptions of what’s holding them back.
Who Can Benefit
Put simply, anyone can benefit. If you’re ready to acknowledge your barriers and committed to tackling them then Outward Success can help. Athletes who choke in the moment it matters. Business teams struggling to thrive in the workplace. People suffering with strife at home. These are just some of the examples of people helped by Outward Success.
The Coaching Process
Coaching can be an intense and life-changing experience. Here’s how to prepare for your coaching and what to expect.
Coaching preparation:
To be coached successfully requires two things from you. Firstly, a willingness to confront and transform your thinking, coaching will not work if you’re not ready to change. Secondly, a strong commitment to the coaching process. There are no magic wands or quick fixes. You’ll be shown how to transform your thinking but only you can turn this into reality and success.

What you can expect from your coach:
Karen is a professional and highly-dedicated coach. Your coaching, at a mutually agreed location, will be unique to you and your needs. The coaching will be intense and challenging. It will always be delivered at a pace that suits you and at all times during your sessions you’ll be guided and supported to get the most from your coaching. If at any point Karen believes that coaching will not benefit you then this will be discussed with you.
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